MPAP History

The Master Plumbers' Association of the City of Philadelphia ( MPAP) was established in 1883. The MPAP was one of the first Charter Associations to be affiliated with the National  Association of Master Plumbers, currently known today as PHCC-NA the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors National  Association. Our Association is the Local branch of what is known as the 3 Tier Federation; Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors National Association.

This is a Bonafied OSHA course, Upon Completion of 30 hours you will receive  a Certification that will meet the City of Philadelphia Criteria 


( This mission Statement of 1883 was revised to include Heating, Cooling, Contractors as it  began to grow and expand its membership).

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America's First Apprentice Training School in ... Established 1883

Mission Statement; 

The Purpose of  this Association  is to

promote fraternity  amongst members, establish

and support Trade schools and by the influence of

honorable principals elevate the principals  and

prestige of the Plumbing, Heating , Cooling


The 3 Tier Association works as follows 

  1. PHCC-NA address the issues on a National Level, having to do with Federal legislation relating to and governing plumbing, heating and cooling regulation issues in the United States.                                                                                                      
  2. PHCC PA, the Second branch of the Federation addresses legislation issues on a State level within Pennsylvania.                                                                                                       
  3. The Master Plumbers Association the Local Branch of the 3 Tier Federation, seeks to address concerns within the City of Philadelphia and  brings National and State issues to the Local membership.

Our Association started the first apprentice training school in the United States back in 1883 and has continued as an evening program in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia at Dobbins Vocation School at 22nd. and Leigh Ave.

The  Association Developed the Philadelphia Plumbing Code Course which was designed to help prepare Apprentices and Journeyman to sit for the Plumbing Code examinations needed to become Registered Licensed contractors in the City of Philadelphia.  The program has been held at the University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Community College and Drexel University.

In the 1990's the Master Plumbers Association also helped to develop the first Backflow / Cross Connection Certification training program in conjunction with the Philadelphia Water Department.

Today we sponsor all types of training programs and are still actively involved working with industry partners as well as state & local government  to best keep our members abreast of current industry and Code changes taking place.

The Master Plumbers Association

of the City of Philadelphia